Product Range

IPE covers a range of barrier shrink products including shrink bags, shrink films, and plastic casings. Talk to us to find out more.


Company honour

We are a family business – our owner started the business in 1998, and at that time all China’s plastic casings were monolayer


Company history

1998 International Plastic Engineering was established, and became the first company in China to produce 5 layer plastic casings.



International Plastic Engineering Co, Ltd. is a family business specialized in the making of plastic casings (IPLON), barrier shrink bags (AUSTLON) and barrier shrink film(AUSTLON) for the food industry. Throughout the years, we have won many satisfied customers by sourcing technological excellence from overseas and integrating it with competitive local labor costs. Our facilities are equipped with a complete range of in-house printing, shirring, bag converting services, and we strive to exceed customer expectations on every order. All our production facilities are HACCP/ISO approved.

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In 2013, we invested in the first 9 layer triple bubble extrusion line in Asia. Since we put different resins in each layer, having more layers mean we can add more functionality to the film. Higher barrier, better sealing, moisture proof, better puncture etc. You can see that we have a history of being FIRST in China for many things e.g.

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