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PVDC High Barrier Cheeses Packing Shrink Bags Roll

PVDC High Barrier Cheeses Packing Shrink Bags Roll

PVDC, scientific name "polyvinylidene chloride", is a kind of softening temperature thermoplastic polymer in 160-200 ℃, with its tail to a linear polymer chain structure. Molecular structure symmetry, high crystallinity.

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For PVDC, due to its strong intermolecular cohesion and high crystallinity, the chlorine atoms in the PVDC molecules are hydrophobic and will not form hydrogen bonds. It is difficult for oxygen molecules and water molecules to move in the PVDC molecules, so that it has excellent oxygen resistance and moisture resistance, and its oxygen resistance is not affected by the ambient humidity. That is to say, below any temperature or humidity condition, hold concurrently outstanding cut off the ability of water vapor, oxygen, odour and fragrance, it is at present accepted the plastic packaging material with best integrated performance in cut off sex respect.


The use of PVDC gas resistance, can delay the occurrence of food oxidation deterioration, greatly extend the shelf life of products, and can avoid the loss of the fragrance of the contents and prevent the invasion of bad external smell;

By using its moisture resistance, it can prevent the products from losing water and becoming dry and taste worse, avoid damage to the packaging prototype due to water absorption, and prevent natural loss (weight loss) of quantitative products. The gas-blocking performance does not change with the change of humidity, even in high humidity environment, it will not cause product deterioration.

Use its low permeability to prevent flavor loss, and do not absorb residual odor and abnormal taste, can ensure the integrity of the smell (especially important when packaging low fat or high protein food).

Excellent weather resistance, even if long-term exposure to the outside, direct sunlight exposure, will not occur packaging discoloration and aging phenomenon.




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